A Hot Dog Cart with a Deli Dream

In 1989, Charlene Dulong and T.K. Kennedy ran a small hot dog cart in John Dunn Shops serving everyone’s favorite handheld treat. They expressed interest in opening up a delicatessen to neighborhood matriarch Polly Raye, a self-described serial entrepreneur. Over her 43 years in Taos, she founded or co-founded five businesses, including three nonprofits, and worked with hun- dreds of people who still regard her as family.

No wonder. Fast forward to 2014 and the Bent Street Deli and Cafe was celebrating 25 successful years in business on the corner of Bent Street and the paseo where it all began thanks to what the owners noted in the Taos News on the anniversary as “consistent food, strong community support and excellent customer service.”

Since the beginning, street food has been an integral part of our open-air mall’s charm, making everyone’s favorite meal of the moment accessible – from pedetrian cravings like tacos and burgers, to gourmet noodles. One thing remains consistent, the pleasure of simple food enjoyed in a relaxed, neighborhood setting.

Although the restaurant changed hands in 2016 to established local restaura- teur Kimberly Armstrong, and now to us, the spirit of hospitality ingrained in these walls remains a driving force in everything we do. It’s evidenced in the hundreds of people who have served guests here that call the restaurant a second home and former coworkers family to this day.

We first came to Taos in 2018, to work at the Ski Valley after dropping everything and semi-retiring. The mountain called us… we had to answer! Guillermo has been cooking in professional kitchens and opening restaurants for 33 years, from Mexico City to Chicago, Boulder CO and West Hollywood, CA.

Feeling welcome happens in all the little details that make the dining experience memorable throughout the meal for guests, and for those on the floor and behind the line in the kitchen! Ours is open, so come say hi. Join us in honoring tradition while making something fresh and new we can all gather around.


Warmly, Linda and Guillermo